Here’s a running list of goals, both short- and long-term, that I have for life. I am actively pursuing some of these, while others would just be awesome and more likely will be accomplished in a different lifetime (see #8):

  1. Start a blog
  2. Run a half marathon
  3. Run a full marathon
  4. Stop biting my nails (update: this is a work in progress as a 2012 New Years resolution…)(update #2, January 2013: this is not going well…)
  5. Take a hip hop dance class
  6. Write a book
  7. Complete a triathlon
  8. Be a dancer in Beyonce music video/become best friends with her
  9. Sky dive
  10. Live (for more than a year) in another state or country with Joe
  11. Be in a Broadway musical
  12. Learn to do a back tuck
  13. Get married (<—cross your fingers that Joe doesn’t realize what I’ve duped him into doing…) Ha! GOT ‘EM
  14. Have (non-fur) kids
  15. Learn to play an instrument
  16. Learn a second language fluently
  17. Get a graduate degree (<—undecided what it should be for)
  18. Be my own boss
  19. Bungee jump
  20. Learn how to drive stick shift (<—I don’t know how many times Joe has tried to teach me, and how many times I have gotten out of the car wanting to rip the dang “stick” out of the car)
  21. Take a photography class
  22. Beat my first half marathon time (1:52:39) (update: currently training for my second half)
  23. Grow my hair down to my waist (<—also a work in progress. My hair is EXTREMELY thick, so we’re going to have to see if I will be able to bear the weight of it without a neck brace) (update: I am starting to think I will just look like Chewbacca with that much hair. The longer my hair gets, the lazier I get; thus my goal of looking like Beyonce becomes increasingly unattainable)
  24. Hike the Appalachian Trail (or at least part of it)
  25. Own a cat (update: check out the Willoughby Wednesdays tab to meet my child)
  26. Buy a house (update: we closed on our first house October 31, 2012)

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