My husband, Joseph (or Joe) and I have been together since 2004 and grew up in the same town. In fact, we met in elementary school when I joined our jump rope team, the Bouncing Bulldogs (you may read more about jump rope and the Bulldogs here). For our September 2011 wedding website, we put together a little timeline of our relationship up to that point that I thought would be fun to share below.


Joe and Anna “meet” (but probably didn’t even notice each other) when Anna joins the Bouncing Bulldogs Jump Rope Team (Joe is already a member at the time).

Joseph, a high school freshman, tries to get Anna, a seventh grader, to “date” him. She is too nervous what her “parents will think of the age difference”, so she turns him down.

Anna spends her high school years singing in various school groups while Joseph spends his time making his car as loud and fast as possible with his high school chum and groomsman, Hamza.

A&J Old

After eight years of jumping, Anna becomes a jump rope World Champion (along with four of her bridesmaids and teammates, Taylor, Rae, Bri and Kristen) at the world jump rope championship in Brisbane, Australia.

On the same trip, Joseph asks Anna to be his girlfriend (again). This time she accepts.

Joseph graduates high school and starts attending North Carolina State University.

After 13 years of jumping, Joseph becomes a jump rope world champion (along with two of his groomsmen and teammates, Ted and Tim) in Toronto, Canada.

Anna graduates from high school and starts attending North Carolina State University.

Joe and Ted drive to New York City overnight on a whim (during college exams, nonetheless) to audition for an Xbox TV commercial that is casting jump ropers. The casting director loves them; they are included in the commercials.  Joseph meets the makeup artist who urges him to contact her friends at Ford Models. He returns to NC, where Anna takes some pictures of him in his backyard. He sends them to Ford, and is promptly signed as a model. A few months later, he struts down runways in Milan for designers like Prada and Gucci.

Joe Runway

Anna patiently waits at home for her call from Ford (still waiting………).

Anna Model


Joe spends two months at the beginning of the year living and modeling in Japan. Anna and Joe (and Ted) skydive!


Anna returns to her roots (she is 1/4 Czech) for five months while studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. Joseph spends one of these months modeling in Europe, and the next two modeling in Japan. Anna visits Joe in Japan during her trip, and Joe visits Anna in Prague, too. At this point, they have traveled to eight countries together.

Upon Anna’s return from Prague, Anna and Joe move to New York City for the summer, both with internships. Anna interns with Oscar de la Renta and Joe interns with a PR firm. They celebrate their five year anniversary by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.

Brooklyn Bridge

In the fall, Joe and Anna go through a series of interviews and tests in L.A. and make it to the final round of auditions for The Amazing Race. Unfortunately, they are cut in the last round. They assume it is because the other contestants wouldn’t stand a chance, and it would make the show boring.

Joe graduates from NC State with a degree in Business Management. He starts his full-time position at a private energy consulting firm based in Raleigh, NC. His first project (from October 2010 – present) is based in San Antonio, TX (he travels every week!).

Joe Graduates

Anna graduates with a degree in Fashion and Textile Management with a concentration in Fashion Development and Product Management. She does nothing with it, and instead takes a full-time position at a software company in the account services department, which she thoroughly enjoys.

Anna Graduates

On December third, two days after Anna turns 23, Joseph pops the question while they are packing their bags for an annual jump rope trip. Instead of kneeling, he sits on the bed, and instead of opening the ring box, he hides it in the pot of a tree in his room and tells her to find it. She loves it, and says yes, and then asks where the kitten she was supposed to get with it is.

Joseph and Anna have many things to be thankful for. They will celebrate their seven year anniversary in July, and get married two months later. They plan to enjoy a long, adventurous honeymoon (in Costa Rica!) and look forward to moving into a place with a big kitchen and a yard they can play in. (edited to add: we did, in fact, get married. And Costa Rica was GLORIOUS. Also, we actually ended up moving to a place with a big kitchen and a yard we can play in. You can call me Miss Cleo.)

A&J Grand Canyon

(Last photo by Rebecca Ames Photography)


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