Green Machine Burrito

More to come later this week, but I was struck this evening by some sort of wild motivation to grocery shop and cook a real meal for dinner (often it’s a super easy eggs and Eggos dinner for me). Obviously, I had to share the best meal I’ve made in awhile. Plus it was super healthy. I wanted to get it down before I forgot the ingredients (it was a make-it-up-as-I-go kind of meal. Hence the scientific measurements.):

Green Machine Burrito

Makes one small burrito

Half of an avocado
Half of a sweet potato
Two scoops of “veggie protein crumbles” (similar to ground beef if you want to use that instead)
Lime wedge for squeezing on top (not to be confused with the wedgie that you may find difficult to pick while you still have lime juice on your hands)
One glop of plain Greek yogurt
A healthy drizzle of (pre-made) salsa verde
One magical dash of salt on top
A baby flour tortilla to swaddle all of the ingredients tightly before you cuddle them straight into your mouth


  1. Follow directions to brown veggie protein crumbles (in skillet over medium heat for 4-6 minutes). If using ground beef, brown meat in greased skillet over medium heat until…well, until brown.
  2. If using the Lazy Girl Method for Cooking Potatoes (I’ve practiced this method for many years), cut sweet potato in half and remove all of the deeper, ugly blemishes. With a fork, take out all of your frustration from the day and stab the half of the potato 5-10 times and then wrap in two damp paper towels. Microwave for five minutes, checking to see at the end of the time if it’s cooked to your satisfaction. If not, continue nuking for one minute at a time until soft.
  3. Using your Magic Bullet, a blender, or any food processor, throw the cooked sweet potato in and blend until mashed.
  4. Cut avocado in half, and dice using this method.
  5. Assembling the final masterpiece, from the base up:
    1. Smear the mashed sweet potato on your tortilla
    2. Arrange your avocado cubes in an orderly fashion
    3. Invite your meat (or meat substitute) to the party
    4. Drizzle the desired amount of salsa verde
    5. Glop (yes, it’s a verb in this context) your greek yogurt on as the hat
    6. And then make it rain with your lime juice and salt

Sing your baby burrito a lullaby and then kiss it goodnight.



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