Five pins Friday

Inspired by the soul-sucking Pinterest that I cannot get enough of, here are some of my favorite pins of late.

1. Book I want to read

Divergent, by Veronica Roth. Julie mentioned liking it even more than The Hunger Games, and considering I ripped through all three of those books in like three weeks, I have high expectations for this one. Even better – it’s the first in a trilogy! Now I just have to finish book two and three of The Maze Runner series I’m in the middle of…god, I love dystopian-genre books.

2. Skill I want to learn

Styling my hair. Seriously, I have never actually learned how to properly blow dry, curl, brush, wash my hair. Whenever my hair is nicely styled (by someone else or from a two-hour arm workout by me), people often think I have dyed it, gotten it cut, or am wearing a wig because it looks so different from my usual rat’s nest.

Part of the reason I think I have never learned this skill is because I kind of feel crazy spending more than six minutes on my hair. Pinterest mocks me every day with styles that I wish I could mimick:

Interestingly, I am pretty good at doing up-dos on my hair, probably because 1) my hair is curly and the texture makes it easy to pin (i.e., it holds shape easily because it’s not slippery), and 2) because I’ve had to compensate for my lack of hot-tool expertise by creating different up-do styles.

3. Dress I want to find

Look at this beauty! I would then need to find somewhere I could actually wear it…it looks like she’s in Europe somewhere maybe? I could dig planning a European getaway to justify a dress purchase.

4. Butt I want to have

Ever since I started working full-time, I have been dreading more and more the secretary “pancake butt.” Growing up, I was never sedentary, and didn’t think twice about the shape of my tush because I did lots of high-impact and strengthening activity that took care of it.  Plus, I was like 13, and I just didn’t care about my butt.

Now, sitting at a desk nine hours a day, I am increasingly aware that I am at high risk for Pancake-Butt Syndrome. So I’ve been doing lots more leg and glute-stengthening exercises at the gym (which, I know, will also help my half-marathon training).

My word. Jessica Biel has a nice rear.

5. Food I want to make

Do these not make you mouth water just looking at them? I love salty and sweet treats. Plus I clicked through to the creator’s blog, and she seems awesome. Making these ASAP (and if I have time, they might even come along to girls’ weekend with me). Hopefully all of the chocolate and peanut butter in these will go straight to plumping up my bum.

Happy Friday!


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