Willoughby Wednesdays

Created due to popular demand*, please enjoy a gratuitous picture of Willoughby every Wednesday. Sorry about his spelling (he’s a cat).

*not really created due to popular demand

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Fehl azleep ihn mah mahm’s armz dis weikind ahnd shee sed eye lukked lyke uh ded possuhm. Whoopz, lulz.

Whai ahr yew tikkleeng thaht keeboared whehn mai tuhmmi iz ryte heyur??

Happy Valentine’s Day! Kisses and love-stares from me and Willoughby to you and your pet (Willoughby would prefer that it be a cat, but in the spirit of love on Valentine’s Day, we will not discriminate).

Yew bawght tha shrymps flayvurd kruncheez ehnsted uf tha sammun dis tyme. Eye kannt evun LUK aht yew ryte nahw.

Hay nahw, noh fuhnni stuhf dahwn der. Eym wacheeng yew.

Dohnt wurrie abowt puhteeng uhp ah pikture uf mee dis weehk, Mahm. Ill tayke kayre uf iht.

Goh ahed, trai tew git sum werk dunn. Il wayt riiiite heyre.

Ah wuz jus guna halp yew git thaht fether owt uf yur hayr…

Gotah tayke napz aftur mai werkowtz whith mai fethur toiyz.
Mai nu yeerz resolooshun iz tew eet mor treetz.

Oh relly? Thenn wat dihd shee sai?


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