Five things Friday

I’ll have more of an update of my week (hopefully) tomorrow. Happy Friday!

1. I have the best video of Willoughby on my phone, and I cannot for the life of me get it to upload or send anywhere. I am going to figure it out and share it with you this weekend, because it needs to be shared (I mean, there are adoring fans WAITING for it).


2. I got an MRI today for the first time (just to make sure my noggin is well…I have developed severe migraines over the past year or so). Since I’m not claustrophobic, it was fine, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was on the Space Mountain rollercoaster in Disney World in Orlando. There were vibrations and loud knocking and laser-gun-type sounds all over the place, and I had a funny contraption strapped over my head to make sure I didn’t sit up in the doughnut-looking machine. Here’s me before my scan:

Sike. On a side note, I asked the folks that scanned me if I could see the image(s) of my brain afterwards, and they were nice enough to burn me a CD of all of the pictures the machine took. SO COOL. The human brain seriously kind of looks like this:

(thanks Jess for reminding me why I don’t eat at McDonalds. Yes, that is mechanically separated chicken.)


3. Joe is semi-afraid that if I post too many things of Willo or cats on here that people will actually think I am a cat-obsessed dweebus. I am pretty much just telling you this to try to make you think that I am not a cat-obsessed dweebus…however, you need to looks at this. I cannot help myself. It is HILARIOUS.

The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

4. Since you already think I only post about cats, here’s a picture that you may enjoy. Joe and I posed together pretending to hold Willoughby when we were on an out-of-town trip a couple of weeks ago because I told him we needed a good family picture. He didn’t think I would actually photoshop Willo in. I love proving people wrong.

5. I took a class last night at my gym on whim called BodyCombat.  Has anyone ever taken it? It’s a mixed martial arts-inspired aerobics class. The teacher last night was pregnant, and SUPER into it, as in warrior-scream-bug-eyed-roaring-punching-the-air-to-kill into it. I was torn between being impressed at her vigor and energy while pregnant, scared that she would come to the back of the studio and rip my head off with her teeth, and busting out laughing at her warrior roars at the end of the sets.

Also, she started sweating from her bellybutton, and then the sweat circle expanded from there to the rest of her torso, which made me feel like her baby fluid was leaking out of her tummy. The class was kind of a weird experience in general, and while I didn’t find it too challenging while I was doing it, I am definitely slightly sore in my shoulders from beating up imaginary opponents.

With that, Joe and I are off to a Lebanese restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try downtown, and we’re meeting his sister and mom there.



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