Run and done

Happy Willoughby Wednesday! 😉

Last night I hopped on over to the gym straight from work to check a 3.5 mile run off of my half marathon training plan (I’m on week three).

And here’s what a picture looks like when someone comes around the corner and surprises you and you’re embarrassed that you’re taking a picture of yourself in the mirror.

Hah. Oh, my ego.

On Sunday, I was forced to run for my life since Joe and I had to get home in time to watch the start of the NC State basketball game, so my pace for the 4 mile run was quite a bit speedier than usual for me (around 8:30/mile).

As soon as I stepped on the treadmill last night, I felt like I had no choice but to at least TRY to keep the 8:30 pace for my run. I mean, after Sunday’s run, I actually felt great. So I decided it was a sign that I had just not been pushing myself enough. Sometimes you need to be accosted with situations that force you to do more or go harder than normal in order to prove to yourself that your body is capable.

So I rOcKeD iT oUt:

Aaaaw yeah, baby! Plus it flew by because I was engrossed in an episode of Chopped (have you seen it? I have only seen a couple episodes but love it! It’s almost exactly like Iron Chef, which is probably why I like it).

One of the things I’m finding that I like best about training for a half marathon is that the plan I’m using feels well-balanced: you strength train 2 days each week, run 3 days each week, cross-train 2 days each week, and rest completely for 1 day. I think when I’m not training for anything, I usually feel compelled to do some sort of cardio most days of the week PLUS strength training 3-4 times. Following the plan, I love the fact that I can JUST strength train on Mondays, and I can JUST run on Tuesdays and Sundays. It almost makes it feel like I’m only required to do half of the workout I was doing before, even though I’m getting fitter and stronger this way. YAY for listening to my own advice (#1, bullet 1).

Anyways, that’s about the most exciting part of my day, other than watching the State of the Union on my lunch break (I missed it last night). Did you watch it? I’m not normally big into discussing politics, but I would love to hear your thoughts – I’m making a concerted effort to brush up on candidate views with the election around the corner. I want to make an informed decision when I vote!

I do have to say that it doesn’t matter what your political views are – there’s no arguing that Obama is a phenomenal public speaker. He could make me want to nod my head in agreement and give a standing ovation even if he recited his favorite recipe for macaroni and hot dogs.

Thoughts on the State of the Union? What was your workout today? Does the idea of macaroni and hot dogs make you want to ralph? I loooooove comments that aren’t only from my sister (but Claire, please keep commenting too! Again, we have to take care of my ego. It’s fragile.)


4 thoughts on “Run and done

  1. Macaroni and hotdogs sounds good (we’re talking about putting them together, right?) as long as they are both gluten free! The State of the Union was good because he is always a great public speaker, but it is frustrating that he can’t follow through with some great ideas because of Congress.

    I have my new roommate’s hamster in my room (in a cage), and Jezzy and the hammy have been staring at each other for hours!

    • Yeah, I agree about it being frustrating that much of Congress can’t seem to get rid of personal agendas in order to help make some important decisions for the greater good.

      You have a HAMSTER in your house now?? I bet Jez was thinking about the best way to prepare macaroni and hamsters…

  2. DANG look at those blingin pearls in yo ears. Do they make your lobes wobble to and fro when ya run?

    Sweet blog. I’m glad you finally made it happen!

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