Duke vs. FSU halftime show

Tonight we did something fun – we were the Duke vs. Florida State men’s basketball game halftime entertainment.

This morning Joe and I hit the gym (I did 40 minutes on the elliptical for cross-training, per the training plan for my upcoming half marathon), came home and had a quick lunch, and then went to pick up our good friend (and teammate) Tim to carpool to Durham for the 4:00 game.

It was a great game (with a really sad and CRAZY ending for Duke), an awesome show at halftime for us, and fun time hanging out.

Afterwards, Joe, Tim, Ted (one of our other best friends and teammates) and I ate at the nearest Red Robin, where we sat next to the entire Plumlee family (the three Plumlee brothers are all currently players at Duke). Those boys are HUGE

The rest of the night is being spent playing poker, enjoying adult drinks and old school rap at our house with my favorite guys – here’s an equally awesome/awkward picture from a couple years ago at a regional jump rope competition because it’s the only one I can find of the three of them.

Enjoy your Saturday night!


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