Planning workouts ahead of time

Today, the half-marathon training plan I’m following prescribed 3 miles + strength training. Since I played hooky with my strength training that was intended for Monday and combined it with a 3.5 mile run on Tuesday, I wasn’t sure how today’s workout would go (with just one day in between lifting). I didn’t cry getting out of bed and I wasn’t debilitated this morning, so I went ahead with the plan (<– note: you can this measurement in a whole range of situations. Not crying or doubled over in pain after eating dinner? Go ahead, have another slice of pork loin. Are you sobbing uncontrollably or just wake up in the handicapped stall of the women’s bathroom at the bar? Maybe you should get some water instead of another drink. Also, some new friends.).

On a side note, do you plan your workouts ahead of time? I have found that I really enjoy having a loose plan for the week, i.e. “run 3 miles and do some sort of strength training on Thursday.” I’ve never been able to stick with writing out the exact moves.

On one hand, I know that having an specific plan helps take out the thinking and motivates you to check the planned moves off of your list, but on the other hand…I don’t want to carry a list around at the gym. Ha. So I make it up as I go or keep my previously-dreamed-up list up in my noggin.

Instead of repeating Tuesday’s workout, I challenged myself to go through working most of the same muscle groups, but to using different exercises. Here’s what my workout ended up looking like:

  1. 50 crunches on the exercise ball
  2. lunges – 3 sets of 15 with a 30 lb bar on my shoulders (<–never done this before. I looked like a drunk trying to keep my balance during a sobriety test for the first set)
  3. hip adduction machine– 3 sets of 15 @ 100 lbs (this move was the same as Tuesday…what are some other ways to work this area? I couldn’t think of any!)
  4. hip abduction on adjustable fly machine – 2 sets of 15 @ 30 lbs
  5. hamstring push-backs on adjustable fly machine – 2 sets of 15 @ 35 lbs
  6. assisted pull-up – 1 set of 5 @ 35 lbs resistance, 2 sets of 2 at 25 lbs resistance (also the same as Tuesday…I want to try to fit in this machine a couple times a week so I can actually do a real pull-up someday)
  7. bicep curl with bar – 3 sets of 15 @ 20 lbs
  8. seated chest press on adjustable fly machine – 3 sets of 15 @ 30 lbs
  9. leaning back extension – 1 set of 15 with 10 lbs
  10. leaning weighted side bend – 1 sets of 15 on each side with 10 lbs…and then I got kicked off by a personal trainer. Wah.
  11. run 3.0 miles (26:43, and then walk to cool down for 0.5 miles)
  12. 50 crunches on exercise ball
  13. stretch
After going through today’s list, I see that I really didn’t match Tuesday’s workout at all as far as working most of the same muscle groups. Ha. I guess they just slipped out of my noggin list. Either way, it was a challenging and LONG workout.
Tomorrow is a rest day. Yay!
P.S. – I found this in the ladies’ locker room. Spray deodarent?! Obviously, I used it.

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