Home remedy cat (non)repellents

There’s a kind of funny story about Willoughby‘s age.

This past December, we rescued him from the local shelter, where we were determined to find a cute cat that was around 1 year old. We didn’t want to deal with a super young kitten since they like to scale living room curtains and their favorite food is electrical wiring.

When Joe laid eyes on Willoughby, there was an instant connection – he was the cutest kit in the room and purred like a lawnmower when we held him. Plus, he was 1 years old! He was kind of small, but the volunteer assured us that he was 1 and that he was just destined to be a small kitty. Puuurrfect. We put a deposit in and picked up our new son the next day.

Willy-boy adjusted wonderfully from the time he set foot in our house. There were no accidents, he seemed really comfortable exploring the house, and loved to snuggle up with us when we were lounging around.

The week after we brought him home, however, he started sneezing like crazy and his purr sounded kind of congested. Being first time parents, we were nervous and decided to bring him to the vet.  She ran the gamut of tests and performed a regular check-up (he ended up having an upper respiratory infection, which are apparently very common in shelter kitties, and cleared up very quickly), including a dental exam, and ended up telling us he was only 4 months old. We had unknowingly adopted a newborn! I guess my dream of having an eternal kitten (a cat that never grows old or big) was just too good to be true.

With our new knowledge of his age, over the past month or so, we have been pleasantly surprised with how well-behaved he is for such a young babe. During the past week though, I think he entered his terrible twos. Here is what I discovered this morning in the kitchen:

And look at the culprit over here. That’s right. Hang your crazy little kitten head in shame.

Man, those are some quality phone pictures.

He has been going nuts about this tree in the past couple of days, so I should have seen this coming. EVERY TIME I turn around when we’re in the kitchen or living room, he is hanging from one of the trunks like Tarzan or scratching on it like it’s filled with cat nip. Plus he jumps in the pot and then kicks out as much dirt as he can while staring at us and laughing from across the room, then dives out right before we can get to him.

I have been thinking about picking up some cat-repellent spray from PetSmart, but in the meantime, I decided to look up natural scents that cats are opposed to. Did you know that cats don’t like the smell of:

  • citrus?
  • coffee grounds?
  • lemon grass oil?
  • cayenne pepper?
  • lavender oil?
  • blood meal? (this scares me. Are there people or animals out there that like the smell of blood meal? And why are “blood” and “meal” in the same sentence?? More importantly, what in the world is blood meal?!)
  • citronella oil?
  • peppermint oil?
  • eucalyptus oil?

According to this list, if I doused our tree in oil, I’m pretty sure it would be safe from Willoughby, but I’m not so sure it would be safe from death. Needless to say, the base of our tree is now filled with orange peels, cayenne pepper, and coffee grinds. I will let you know tomorrow if the tree is still standing tall. And also if any of these plants have started growing on our tree.


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